Turkey Red

Turkey Red winter wheat was introduced to Kansas in 1873, carried by Mennonite immigrants from Crimea in the Ukraine, fleeing Russian forced military service. In the mid-1880s, Bernard Warkentin imported some 10,000 bushels of Turkey seed from the Ukraine, the first commercially available to the general public. That 10,000 bushels (600,000 pounds) would plant some 150 square miles (10,000 acres). By the beginning of the twentieth century, hard red winter wheat, virtually all of it Turkey, was planted on some five million acres in Kansas alone.

It is reported that some people who have wheat intolerence are able to eat bread made from Turkey Red flour. It is reported by bakers, that the gluten appears different from other flours and the resulting bread is lighter and very favorable.

Whole Wheat

Our ALL PURPOSE Organic flour can be used for Cookies, Bread, Brownies, Pizza Crust, Cakes, Pancakes and more! It has been sifted so that it is a very fine flour that is easy for the baker to work with.

Bread Flour

Our organic bread flour is perfect for your bread baking, everything from artisan loaves and baguettes to pretzels and sandwich loaves.  Milled from 100% organic wheat grown on our family farm in Nebraska, Colorado and South Dakota.  Never bleached or bromated this flour is milled with a Unifine mill and sifted to remove most of the bran.